All required registration forms for the current school year can be found under the Forms menu.  Please download, fill out completely and sign.



Music for this year's marching season can be found under the Music menu.  The webpage is password-protected as required by the publisher and composer.  Please contact a band director for the password if you forget.


On each tab, you will find MP3’s with metronome and without metronome for winds and percussion, as well as all of the parts for each instrument.  Do not print the part you “think” you should be on.  Print the correct part, as assigned by the directors, and begin to work through that.  There are two assignments…one is for show music and one is for stand tunes.  Please make sure you are looking at the show music column.   As in the past, split instruments are notated 1A, and 1B; 1 indicates first part, A indicates top part, and B indicates bottom part.  The same rule applies to 2A, and 2B.  Percussion students already have their part assignments for the show, but will be able to print additional copies of the music from here.


Please DO NOT post any of the webpage contents online or tweet the sound files.  We have certain permission to share only with our students.


Part Assignments

  • 2018-2019 Marching Band Parts:  Brass Assignments, Woodwind Assignments
  • There are two columns on the part is for show music and the other is for stand tunes and drill team material.  They are notated on the spreadsheet.
  • Bass Clarinets: You will use Tenor Sax music, so when you open your folder and see Tenor sax parts, that is correct.
  • Low Brass:  Please make sure you are playing the correct part.  Your show music parts and your stand tune parts are different.
  • This new music does not have to be memorized.  The show music does.
  • 1A and 1B indicate the same part played, with 1A players taking the top part, and 1B players taking the bottom part.
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